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Adeslas Insurance Best Private Health Insurance in Spain

 Health Insurance  for Spanish Residency

Adeslas Has the perfect Health Insurance for Spanish Residency.

Adesla’s Insurance Health Plans fully comply with Spanish Government official requirements.

Adeslas  Insurance Provider, the most professional assistance with the largest healthcare provider system in Spain: 43,000 professionals, 1,150 healthcare centers and 150 Dental Care Centres all over Spain at your service.

Your Medical Health Insurance with Adeslas is more 

Biggest Medical Staff

1.150 Private Hospitals

Full Coverage

ER | Hospitalization | ICU

No Copayments nor extra costs



On Line Services



Need an Expats Healthcare Insurance for Spanish Residency or Visa?

Adeslas has the right product for you. Our Insurance health plans comply with the Spanish government’s official requirements.

Adeslas Insurance PLENA PLUS


Adeslas  Completa + Repatriation


Adeslas Health Insurance Plena Plus

No Copayments

Starting From

55 euros/month

Adeslas Health Insurance Plena Vital

Low Copayments

Starting From

35 euros/month

Adeslas Health Insurance Seniors


No/Low Copayments

Starting From

60 euros/month

Adeslas Health Insurance Basic


Out-Patient Care

Starting From

14,50 euros/month

Adeslas Home Insurance

Adeslas Home is easy to purchase and easy to use; you can get your Adeslas Home insurance in one single call.

Adeslas  Pet Insurance

Insurance for dogs and cats, designed to protect your pet’s well-being and health.

Adeslas Insurance Reviews

Adeslas, the number one health insurance company in spain, has diverse opinions about its products and services. Below we will show you the most relevant reviews Adeslas.

  • Adeslas is an excellent company
  • I have adeslas health insurance and it is very useful
  • I have adeslas plena plus insurance and it has excellent coverage
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Making it easier for you

Adesla’s new video consultation service gives you the flexibility to consult with your doctor via a video call, so you can book an appointment and get the support you need without needing to take time out of your day to travel to the practice.
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Over 20 years of Experience

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