Choosing the right health insurance is crucial at any age, but it becomes even more significant for seniors over 75 who have specific health needs. Adeslas offers policies designed to provide comprehensive and quality care for this age group, ensuring complete coverage tailored to their requirements.

Adeslas health insurance for seniors over 75

Coverages and Services

Adeslas policies for seniors over 75 include a wide range of coverages and services aimed at providing the best possible care:

  1. Medical Consultations: Unlimited access to general practitioners and specialists, essential for continuous health monitoring.
  2. Hospitalization: Coverage for hospital stays, including surgeries, treatments, and intensive care.
  3. Emergency Services: 24/7 emergency care, ensuring quick responses in critical situations.
  4. Diagnostic Tests: Access to advanced and routine diagnostic tests, such as blood tests, X-rays, and MRIs.
  5. Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy: Services for rehabilitation and physiotherapy to recover or maintain mobility and quality of life.

Additional Services

In addition to basic coverages, Adeslas offers several additional services particularly useful for seniors over 75:

  • Home Care: Medical and nursing services at home, ideal for those with reduced mobility or chronic illnesses.
  • Telemedicine: Medical consultations via video calls, providing access to healthcare without the need to travel.
  • Prevention Programs: Programs for the prevention and early detection of diseases, tailored to the specific needs of seniors.

Considerations and Benefits

Adeslas understands the particular needs of seniors and designs its policies to offer multiple benefits:

  • Network of Professionals: Extensive network of highly qualified doctors and specialists.
  • No Waiting Lists: Reduced waiting times for consultations and treatments.
  • Personalized Attention: Services tailored to the individual needs of each insured person.
  • Flexible Coverage: Options to adjust the policy according to personal requirements and health status.

Enrollment Process

The process to enroll in an Adeslas policy for seniors over 75 is simple and designed to be as accessible as possible:

  1. Personalized Advice: Consult with an Adeslas advisor to choose the policy that best suits your needs.
  2. Documentation: Submit the necessary documents and sign the contract.
  3. Start of Coverage: Immediate activation of the policy, allowing access to services from day one.