If you’re pregnant and considering enrolling in a health insurance plan, you might wonder if it’s possible to do so while already expecting. With Adeslas, the answer is yes. You can enroll in an Adeslas health insurance policy during your pregnancy and take advantage of various coverages and benefits. Here’s a detailed look at what Adeslas offers for pregnant women, including the applicable waiting periods and specific coverages.

can i enroll in adeslas while pregnant

Enrolling in Adeslas During Pregnancy

Adeslas allows you to enroll in their health insurance plans at any stage of your pregnancy. This ensures that expectant mothers have access to a wide range of medical services and benefits. However, it’s important to understand the specific conditions and waiting periods that apply to certain coverages.

Coverages Available from Day One

Adeslas provides several coverages particularly beneficial during pregnancy, available from the first day of your policy:

  1. General Medical Assistance: Access to consultations with general practitioners and specialists, essential for monitoring the health of the mother and baby.
  2. Virtual Assistance: Telemedicine services for convenient virtual consultations, offering quick medical advice without needing to travel.
  3. Diagnostic Tests: Necessary exams and prenatal tests, such as blood tests and ultrasounds.
  4. Childbirth Preparation: Classes and courses to help expectant mothers prepare physically and emotionally for childbirth.

Waiting Periods

While many coverages are available immediately, others, such as childbirth, are subject to waiting periods. A waiting period is a set time during which certain coverages are not accessible even though the policy is active. For Adeslas, the waiting period for childbirth coverage is typically 8 months.

Additional Services and Benefits

Beyond the basic coverages, Adeslas offers a range of additional services and benefits valuable to pregnant women:

  • Pregnancy Monitoring: Specialized care and regular check-ups with gynecologists and obstetricians.
  • Hospitalization: Coverage for hospital stays in case of pregnancy complications, ensuring access to high-quality medical facilities.
  • Newborn Care: Immediate postnatal care and evaluations for the newborn.
  • Psychological Support: Emotional and psychological support for expectant mothers, contributing to a healthy pregnancy both physically and mentally.

Recommendations and Considerations

Before enrolling in an Adeslas health insurance policy while pregnant, consider the following steps:

  1. Review Contract Conditions: Thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the policy, focusing on waiting periods and covered services.
  2. Consult an Advisor: Speak with an Adeslas advisor to clarify any doubts and get detailed information on available options and specific benefits.
  3. Assess Personal Needs: Consider your personal and pregnancy-related needs to ensure the chosen policy adequately covers all critical aspects.